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March 13-24, 2023

Scholarship Information

To qualify for scholarships awarded through the Humboldt Music Festival Association

  • Competitors must be 21 years of age or younger to qualify for Scholarships and Awards.
  • The adjudicator for the discipline will make the final decision on the Scholarship recipients.
  • To qualify for a scholarship or an award, a contestant must enter and perform in two classes in their discipline, one being a solo, duet, or small ensemble class and the other a choice between a solo, duet, small ensemble or band class.
  • Participants or their music teacher must live within a 60 km radius of Humboldt to be eligible for HMFA scholarships.
  • Former Humboldt Music Festival participants, provided that they otherwise meet eligibility requirements, may compete in the Humboldt Music Festival. After the fourth year of post-secondary participants is not eligible for scholarship awards. Beginning with Festival 2008, post-secondary, participants will be limited to four senior level classes.

Scholarships will be presented at the Final Concert evening of the festival. If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact one of the current board members of the Humboldt Music Festival Association.