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March 13-24, 2023

Notice to Competitors

Notice To All Competitors

It must be understood that the adjudication process and marking system are difficult to maintain consistently over several days. Certain performances will eventually stand out in the mind of the adjudicators at the end of the sessions. It should, therefore, be kept in mind that the numerical scores are given as an approximation. The adjudicators reward the performances that deserve recognition despite the numerical scores.

The final concert will present a cross-section of the award winners, as recommended by the adjudicators in order to provide a balanced and entertaining program. All award winners, whether performing or not, will, however, be recognized at the final concert.

General Information For Festival Participants

1. We will strive for a positive and efficiently run music festival. Therefore, any suggestions, concerns or complaints are to be submitted in writing and read in person at the next festival meeting.

2. Performance times are approximate. Please arrive and be prepared to perform at least 20 minutes before your scheduled competition time(s).

3. The adjudicator must have an original copy of the music to be performed. As an aid to the adjudicator, please number your measures neatly.

4. PLEASE remain quiet during performances. Do not enter or leave during a performance or an adjudication.

5. Competitors must watch when it is your turn to go forward and wait for the adjudicator's signal to begin.

6. No audio or visual recording of any description is allowed during competitions of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association (SMFA), at the provincial or local level.

7. For Piano classes, practicing will be allowed on the festival pianos , before the sessions, up to 15 minutes before sessions begin.

8. To qualify for a scholarship or an award, a contestant must enter and perform in two classes in their discipline, one being a solo class and the other a choice between a solo, duet or small ensemble class.

9. Participants or their music teacher must live within a 60 km radius of Humboldt to be eligible for HMFA awards.

10. Former Humboldt Music Festival participants, provided that they otherwise meet eligibility requirements, may compete in the Humboldt Music Festival. After the fourth year of post-secondary participant is not eligible for scholarship awards. Beginning with Festival 2008, post-secondary participants will be limited to four senior level classes.

11. Any protests must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee and in no case is the adjudicator to be approached. The decision of the executive committee is final.

12. Changes to the schedule may be considered for valid reasons only and are to be made through the HMFA president. Consult the online SMFA directory for rule clarification: