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Speech Arts Information

Speech Arts in the Humboldt Music Festival

January 2014

What is speech arts?

This is a individual or group event in which people perform one or more poems or pieces of writing. The performance is adjudicated, which means a professional provides helpful feedback to the performer(s), to assist them to perfect the delivery.

Why should you care?

Speech arts at the music festival give young people, with or without musical ability, an opportunity to verbalize with confidence. It is a low-pressure, local performance, well suited to learning expressive presentation delivery. By performing an artist's work, it also means the student doesn't have to write the piece themselves.

Why do we care?

We each had the opportunity to perform poetry as students, both in class and in arts festivals. It provided a foundation and confidence in presenting which we use both professionally and socially to this day. We strongly feel that this is a life-skill. So, we are working with you to provide a chance for your students to learn the art of speech!

When is Speech Arts at the 2014 Humboldt Music Festival?

March 26-27, 2014

Where are the Speech Arts at the 2014 Humboldt Music Festival performed?

Humboldt Uniplex

What kind of classes can students enter?

There are both solo and choral poetry classes, with either pre-selected pieces (see next point), or the performer(s) own choice. In order to qualify for scholarships, a performer or group needs to enter at least 2 classes.

How do we register our students to participate?

To pick out which Class and Piece you wish to enter, go to the syllabus at 

www.smfa.ca/Administration/Syllabus/20132015_SMFA_Syllabus.pdf, pages 117-125.

Now, go to the Humboldt Music Festival link to register by January 22, 2014: http://humboldtmusicfestival.webs.com/

Are there resources to assist as I help my students prepare?

Yes! There is a Speech Arts Resource Manual that we can share with you, or let us know if you want a copy for yourself ($10). Also, please give us a call if you have any questions or need further guidance or coaching for your students, as we have experienced performers available to assist.


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